ES 2011 brought another year of excellent sound in both our rooms at the VENETIAN tower in Las Vegas.In room 30-115 the system consisted of AELIUS push pull amplifiers, PST-100 MKII pre map, DAC-100 d/a converter and CDT-100 CD transport together with the VPS-100 phono stage and MC-16 step up transformer. Together with the BERGMANN SLEIPNER turntable, LANCHE AUDIO loudspeakers and STAGE III cables this system produced music to captivate the attention and make you loose track of time in such a busy show.One floor down and in suite 29-335 the SET-100MKIII monoblock amplifiers together with the PST-100 MKII  pre amp, DAC-100 d/a converter and CDT-100 CD transport were driving the majestic PERFECT 8 TECHNOLOGY THE FORCE and THE POINT loudspeakers. Sound to make you stop and take notice.In the same suite in an adjacent room the SET-100VS tube amp, PST-100 pre amp CDT-100 CD transport and DAC-100 d/a converter were driving the small CUBE loudspeakers from P8.There was nothing small about that setup and sound!!!All products, in both rooms, supported fully by RACKS AUDIO DESIGN solid wood racks of natural beauty and high craftsmanship.