he Munich Hi End show has become the finest audio show in Europe and in the top shows of the world.
This year YPSILON ELECTRONICS made some very special set ups for music and audio lovers to experience.In room E116 a superb system was assembled with some of the finest audio components.
With the full line of SET-100 MKIII hybrid S.E.T. amplifier,PST-100 MKII pre amp,VPS-100 world acclaimed top phono stage ,CDT-100 cd transport and DAC-100 D/A converter the PYTHAGORAS turntable and THALES tonearm were using ZEN SATI cables and AUDIOSTONE racks to drive the ACAPELLA VIOLONCELLO II loudspeakers. Lets just say that the 75m2, ADVANCED ACOUSTICS treated room was not big enough for the volume of people trying to listen to this outstanding set up.In the company’s other set up in room F115 also on the Atrium 4 the spectacular CESSARO horn loudspeakers were driven also by the SET-100 MKIII hybrid S.E.T. amplifier, PST-100 MKII pre amp, VPS-100 world acclaimed top phono stage together with the TW acoustics turntable.A match made in heaven and music to captivate even the most demanding listener.
To try and top this next year will be a challenge.just what we like!!